Lucas Michael

Being Bree, 2010
TRT: 12:47
Clip: 04:30

"(art) as a reenactment of nature in process, achieved by projective empathy and psycho-physiological spontaneity, rather than an imitation of life in stasis"
-Ekbert Faas,Towards a New American Poetics, Essays and Interviews.

A video re-enactment of the scene sin the 1970 film Klute, where Bree Daniels (Jane Fonda) discusses with her analyst (Vivian Nathan) her need to prostitute herself vis--vis her foundering art practice as a model and an actress. Questioning the relation between the nature of compulsion, control and creativity, in Being Bree I transcribe the scenes, originally improvised, and deliver them as if they were my own, becoming both analyst and analysand, merging male and female.

Camera: Mariah Garnett